May 2, 2010

Where has Jade Been???

First, just want to state that this is in no means me complaining... in fact I am very happy about all of this, I just wanted to share why I haven't posted much over the last few months.

Ok, so I have never been a person to blog everyday or even a couple of times a week) but I haven't done much blogging at all over the last few months. I have a very good reason for that!!! It isn't because I haven't been crafting anything to share, I have been doing a lot of crafts, just been so busy that I really haven't had a lot of time to take pics, edit them and post them. I hope to do more of it soon. I have also passed my weekly ad challenge on the Cricut MB to another crafter since I could not give it the time it and the other MB members deserved. So thanks for visiting and please come back soon to see more of my crafts.