Mar 27, 2008

Sourcream boxes

These are some sourcream boxes I made filled with candy. I made 18 of these and handed them out to co-works. They are soooo easy to make!

Here are the directions to make these from!

Satellite Wedding Cake

Here is a wedding cake I made this past weekend. This was our wedding gift to one of my DH’s co-workers. She was having everyone cut their own cake so we thought doing individually satellite cakes would be easiest. The hotel where they had the wedding at added the chocolate covered strawberries.

Mar 20, 2008

Five in One Template Box (aka large scallop box)

Here is a box I made with Cricut

DS. I got the idea from the split coast stampers site. This link will also show how to make it if you don't have the DS program.

Mar 18, 2008

Directions for the Pinwheels .cut file

Sorry I didn't add any directions for the pinwheels and a few have asked for them so here they are:

How to make a pinwheel:

You may need to make some minor corrections to the paper after the cut is done. I had to hand trim the corners slightly with scissors.
1. Cut-out the pinwheel(s) on your cricut. Cardstock or heavier paper works best.
2. Decorate one or both sides of the paper pinwheel if you didn’t use patterned paper.
3. Make the tiny holes on the four corner holes meet at the center hole.
4. Push the ends of the brad through the holes on the pinwheel. then push the brad through the center hole.
5. For a non moving pinwheel, glue to a stick of your choice. For a moving pinwheel, use a straw (poke a hole about .1/2" from the top of straw) on the back side of your pinwheel and push the ends of the fastener through the hole in the straw. Open-up the fastener by flattening the ends in opposite directions.

"Best Wishes" card

Here is a "Best Wishes" card I made! Very simple!

Blue & Yellow Bouquet

This is another bouquet I made.

Haunted Hallowen

I saw a kit to make a haunted house in a magazine. I made my own with a cereal & tissue box and my Cricut. I also made it so I could put a light inside to show thru the windows!

Mar 17, 2008

Red & White Birthday Bouquet

I made this for a friend's birthday last year, she loves red! I used a chinese take out box from the local craft store for the base!

"My Friend" Card

A friend of mine moved away last year and this is the card I made for her before she moved!

Matching Waterfall Card & Mini Album with gift bag

This is a mini album and waterfall card set I made for my Mother-In-Law.

Pop Up Card

This is a "pop up" card I made for my Father-In-Law.

Football Cake

This is a football cake I made for a super bowl party I went to back in 06 when the Steelers won!

Wedding Cake

This is one of the wedding cakes I have made.

Cricut Cake

I made this cake for our first cricut Swarm in June o7.

Flower Basket Cake

This is a flower basket design on a half sheet cake.

Hearts Bracelet

Here is one of my more intricate designs. I am surprised because this one was never sold, I always get lots of great comments on it, just not any buyers. It has been sitting in it's gift box now for months since I have not gone to any craft shows in a while. :/

More Beaded Bracelets

Here are some more bracelets I have made.

Beaded Bracelets

Here are a bunch of bracelets I have made.

Red Beaded Jewelry Set

Here is the red set I made. This set went quickly at a craft show!

Orange Beaded Jewelry Set

Another set I made!

Black & Green beaded jewelry set

Here is a black & greed jewelry set I made. I use only glass, wooden or polymer clay beads in all of my jewelry. I try to always use sterling silver also when I can.

More DS Files

Here are two more files that I have made but have not yet cut. These are very simple designs but if you wuold like them, the .cut file links are to the left. Enjoy!

Mar 16, 2008

Pinwheels made with DS

I made this pinwheel bouquet with my Cricut & Design Studio program. I used my Stampin Up stamps to add some design to them.

Pink & Brown Cupcakes

Here are some cupcakes I made for a baby shower.

Sports Ball Cupcakes

Here are some cupcakes that I made for boy's first bithday.