Mar 18, 2008

Directions for the Pinwheels .cut file

Sorry I didn't add any directions for the pinwheels and a few have asked for them so here they are:

How to make a pinwheel:

You may need to make some minor corrections to the paper after the cut is done. I had to hand trim the corners slightly with scissors.
1. Cut-out the pinwheel(s) on your cricut. Cardstock or heavier paper works best.
2. Decorate one or both sides of the paper pinwheel if you didn’t use patterned paper.
3. Make the tiny holes on the four corner holes meet at the center hole.
4. Push the ends of the brad through the holes on the pinwheel. then push the brad through the center hole.
5. For a non moving pinwheel, glue to a stick of your choice. For a moving pinwheel, use a straw (poke a hole about .1/2" from the top of straw) on the back side of your pinwheel and push the ends of the fastener through the hole in the straw. Open-up the fastener by flattening the ends in opposite directions.

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