Feb 26, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday

Here is a card I made for a co-worker who turned 30 today.

Feb 22, 2009

Ad Inspiration Challenges

I started posting an "Advertisement Inspiration Challenge" each week on the Cricut message board. Today was the begining of the third week. I thought I would also post them here for others as well. Here is what you do... you can use the color scheme, ad layout, or anything else in the ad for inspiration for a card. This is all for fun to see what you get from the inspiration. If you want to participate, please post a comment here with a link to your card. Here are the "Ad Inspriations" and my cards for the first three weeks. I will post the new "Ad Inspriations" every Sunday.

Week #1 from an online Macy’s catalog here

My Card

Week #2 The ad is from Target.comMy Card

Week #3 The ad is from Sears.com
My Card

My Craft Room

Ok I've been busy with end of year stuff so I haven't posted in a while. I am working on some new projects but I thought I would share a little about my craft room.
This is my main desk where I work.

This is my wall of shelves where I store my stamps, inkpads, bucket collection and other craft supplies.

This is my side table where do most of my cutting and store my cards & envelopes.
This is my main paper storage. My paper is sorted by colors and by multi colored paper is sorted by patterns. Most of my cardstock is also here, sorted by color as well.
I love this shelving system! The purple boxes is where I store my scrap paper. With the lids off, three boxes fit in the shelf perfectly, and with the little space on the top I can easily slip scraps back into the boxes since they are open! I also store my SU paper here as well as other materials and tools I craft with. As you can see on one of the plastic storage drawers, I am in the procress of covering the front of them with contact paper.
This is my Cricut cart. I have both Cricuts, one on each shelf, my carts (in the green box next to the baby bug), two drawers (under baby) to hold my markers, cables and other accessories and a basket on the bottom for my old mats. I hang my new ones on the side (left) of the cart with an "S" hook. Since the cart is on wheels, I store it at the end of my table and slide it out when I use it.

Thsi is my relaxation chair, I sit here to look at magzines for ideas or when I just need a little thinking time.

This is the little nook in my room where I make my jewelry. I've been busy making cards so I haven't made any jewelry in a while and this desk has become a catch all area for right now. Most of the time my whole room looks about this messy, I am far from a neat freak!

This is an old CD shelf we had and I took it for my paints and glue guns. I also have a closet to the left of the shelf that I use for storage as well.

This is my office area for my business. My computer desk is just to the left here. It is a small room so I can easily run my DS cord from the cricuts to the computer.
This is the first "test" butterfly I cut from contact paper to decorate my walls. Thanks for taking a tour of my room with me!