Feb 22, 2009

Ad Inspiration Challenges

I started posting an "Advertisement Inspiration Challenge" each week on the Cricut message board. Today was the begining of the third week. I thought I would also post them here for others as well. Here is what you do... you can use the color scheme, ad layout, or anything else in the ad for inspiration for a card. This is all for fun to see what you get from the inspiration. If you want to participate, please post a comment here with a link to your card. Here are the "Ad Inspriations" and my cards for the first three weeks. I will post the new "Ad Inspriations" every Sunday.

Week #1 from an online Macy’s catalog here

My Card

Week #2 The ad is from Target.comMy Card

Week #3 The ad is from Sears.com
My Card

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