Mar 18, 2008

Haunted Hallowen

I saw a kit to make a haunted house in a magazine. I made my own with a cereal & tissue box and my Cricut. I also made it so I could put a light inside to show thru the windows!


christine154 said...

wow this is a fantastic house and i love the light idea
my grandaughter now wants one lol
but siad can i put fairys on the house instead and she have your one at halloween lol she doesnt want much then lol
well done now i have to figure how to make one (note to self dont look at blogs when grandaughter around )
keep the good work up

christine154 said...

wow this house is fantastic
and my grandaughter thinks so to
onky problem is now i have to male her one lol but with fairys on and she have the haunted one at halloween doesnt want much does she

keep the good work up well done

Donawanda said...

I love this. I never would have thought of it. Oh the possibilities......
Good Job.