Mar 9, 2009

Tips for your blog!

I was looking for a way to make a new banner for my blog and I came along this great site ( that is full of great blogger tips to improve you own blog. I found out how to add my blog to blog directories and search engines to help me get more traffic to my site. The author also has an email subscription so you can continue to get more great tips. This is a great site for anyone like me who is new to all this blogging stuff!

Not only is the site full of tips and templates but there is also a contest on there to win money! The great thing about this contest is not a random drawing but one that you control your chance to win. The contest is being sponsored by and and there are six possible prizes to win ranging from $50 for first prize to $5 for the last prize. Be sure to check out the site here or click on the banner for it on the left.

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