Apr 13, 2009

“Ad Inspiration Challenge” #10

Wow this is our tenth challenge now! This weeks ad challenge is from a sight made to help inspire you with color, Behr.com! You should really check out this sight if you need some color ideas. You can use the color scheme, ad layout, or anything else in the ad for inspiration. Please post your cards here. Hope you enoy this one! I will post my card later.

And here is my card. Click here if you would like to see the cards made by Cricut Message Board members or would like to post your card there.


Mona L. Pendleton said...

I am glad I found your blog. I am going to play, but have to work tomorrow!:( Is that tan or grey? When is the deadline? Thanks, Mona

Heather G said...


I'm am happy to hear you like my color challenges. That is a grey color. These are all for fun so there is no deadline, post when ever you want to. I add a new challenge every week (either Sun or Mon) but you can alway do any past challenge. This is to help crafters find new inspirations for colors. I look forward to seeing what you make, and I love your things on your blog too!